"I really wish someone had told me this when I started my corporate life..."

Professional success is about depth plus breadth. Your technical capability will carry you only so far! You need breadth. The flexibility to get things done, working with and through other people. A problem solver. A safe pair of hands. The natural, obvious and logical choice for more responsibility, more interesting challenges, and more senior steps on the ladder.
It's your technical skills that gets your career rolling, and your technical depth supports everything. As time goes by it's your breadth of delivery skills that accelerate your career, make a name for yourself and create a balanced, rewarding and prosperous life.
Working with a coach will dramatically accelerate that process. If you have an employer who will support you working with a coach, or you have the resources yourself, then I encourage you to do so.
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Otherwise, check out the 'Nobody Needs A Coach' podcast - the practical podcast for business professionals.
This podcast explores how to be an effective business professional. Discussions and interviews ranging from career development, interpersonal skills, time management and personal development through to management skills, leadership skills, negotiation skills, project management and more. No chit-chat. No filler. Just the skills you need: what they are, why you need them, how to develop them, and how to use them. Perfect for early and mid-career professionals - and old hands who want a new perspective. Plus free downloadable cheat-sheets, checklists, training videos and more...